Hind Mohammed al-Bolooki, 43, says she was locked in a room at her home in Dubai in October 2018 by family members after she asked for a divorce, but she managed to escape and leave the country. Bolooki made her escape after being allowed to go to the toilet. She climbed through a window without her shoes and hid on a nearby construction site for two hours before asking a taxi driver to take her to a friend’s house in Sharjah, a city half an hour away.

Her asylum application in North Macedonia was rejected on Tuesday after what Bolooki’s friends claim was pressure from the local authorities of UAE to send her back to her family. Bolooki was given a grace period of 15 days to leave the country, but she has been held at a detention center for immigrants since 7 December with no prospect of release, and it is feared she will be deported back to the UAE when the clock runs out. theguardian.com

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