CSR package

Half of a company’s reputation is based on the public’s feelings about what the company is doing to support the community.

Therefore, having a well-established CSR program is essential for businesses that want to improve their branding to stakeholders and customers.

We Encourage is here to help you build the best CSR program.

CSR package

Benefits of a sustainability program

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Create a competitive advantage

CSR can help you to build a reputation as a responsible business, which can, in turn, lead to competitive advantage.

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Increase customer loyalty

Customers are more likely to be loyal to your brand if your corporate values align with their personal ones. CSR programs work to showcase your corporate values and demonstrate that teamwork, community involvement, and engagement are at the top of your core values.

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Increase creativity

CSR initiatives encourage your employees to try new things and get re-energized about their jobs. They can volunteer and create a sense of community within your organization. Through this social involvement, employees will feel empowered to start contributing to the bigger picture. 

How does WE CSR work?

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impact maker

For donation below 1000€

We provide proof badge on your website.

Also, We Encourage will give a shout out to your support (1 post)

action taker

For donation between 1000-5000€

Your company will receive a support proof badge and social media marketing material for 3 to 5 posts.

We Encourage will give a shout out to your support (3-5 posts)


Fully customizable package for your needs and preferences.

Example: Podcast, Medium post, social media marketing campaign etc.

Who are WE?

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