Impact maker

The impact maker is you. You choose the cause that you are the most interested in and decide to donate money to.

We Encourage

We Encourage takes commission to be able to run its operations, for payment provider’s fees and for marketing the cause.

Chosen Cause

The money is directed to the cause you chose. 


The impact maker is able to follow up how and where the money is being spent.

Two ways to donate

We Encourage offers a possibility for donors to choose their preferred way to donate

Charity Pay

Our strategic partner Charity Wall offers a transparent and traceable payment system that directs money from your Uphold account to the Uphold account of the fundraiser, and finally to the target charity’s Uphold account. This donation method requires a bit more work from the donor, if you don’t already have an uphold account, but it gives you full control to track down your donation.

The Uphold account is mandatory in order to donate in total transparency and to have all the information traced in Blockchain because the payment system is Uphold.


For those wishing to donate fast and easy can do it by choosing Stripe as a donation payment method.

We secure the transparency and traceability of the donation as well, but the donor won’t have the possibility for tracking down the money by themselves as it would require the donor to have an Uphold account. 

The donations given by using Stripe are also carefully monitored, and documents related to the cause are also put in Blockchain for traceability and tracking.


Make an impact by donating

Jalkautuva palveluohjaus neuvoloihin

We Encourage ja Nicehearts ry ovat yhteistyössä, jossa kerätään varoja Nicehearts ry:lle palveluohjauksen työntekijän palkkaamiseksi. Palkattava henkilö jalkautuu tekemään ohjaavaa työtä esimerkiksi neuvoloihin. 

50,00  Raised 0.08%
60 982,00  Goal
0 Days to Go
, Finland

Enable the education of girl children in India

The Dalit Women Forum operates on the belief that all Dalit people should live in a caste- and gender discrimination-free society. This includes giving all girls access to mainstream education. Education should be freely available to everyone, but for many Dalit children

1 120,00  Raised 10.14%
11 050,00  Goal
4 Days to Go
Espoo, Finland

Example cause to support victims of domestic violence

Finland is Europe’s second most violent country for women. With the coronavirus epidemic, the financial situation of many families is tightening, causing stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, at the same time, violent

0,00  Raised 0%
0,00  Goal
0 Days to Go
, Finland

Start your own cause!

Would you like to be the very first ones to start their own causes? If you have always dreamt of making an impact but have not been sure how, here is your chance!

0,00  Raised 0%
0,00  Goal
0 Days to Go
, Finland

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