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The steps to build your own fundraising cause

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Notify the police

Make a notification of starting a fundraising to your local police department. It takes 5-7 workdays to handle the notification.

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Receive your fundraising number

Receive a small-scale fundraising number from the police. This is your required number for starting a fundraising for your chosen cause.

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Make your cause

Create your cause, raise the funds and make an impact.

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Do settlement of accounts

Do settlement of accounts to the police.

Start a cause

Requirements for starting a fundraising cause


Minimum of three people

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No more than twice per year


Three months at most per cause

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10.000 euros per collection

Small-scale fundraising

For collections max. EUR 10,000

1. Apply to pilot
2. Inform police
3. Cause marketing
4. Follow-up
1. Apply to pilot

Apply to small-scale fundraising pilot group! 

A small-scale fundraising (SSF) is a money collection for a limited amount of money in a short, limited time. Organizing a small-scale fundraising requires notification to the police.

Small-scale fundraising in brief:

  • you can collect max EUR10,000/per collection
  • SSF can last max 3 months
  • you can organize SSF max twice per year 
  • SSF can be organized by NGOs that can get also fundraising permit
  • in addition SSF can be organized by group of minimum of three people, who are Finnish residents. Two of them must be 15-years old and one at least 18 who is in control of his/her life and assets. 
  • starting a SSF requires informing police and the collection must be in accordance with Finnish Fundraising Act.

Read more about Small-Scale Fundraising  (unfortunately only in Finnish currently)

2. Inform police

Make an announcement to the police

You must maken a written announcement about your SSF to the police department no later than five days prior starting the money collection. Wait for the police department to give you a SSF number. Police department will handle the announcements in five working days counting from the day the announcement arrives. We help our piloting fundraisers with the announcement.  

You are not allowed to start the fundraising before you have received the fundraising number!

The information you must submit to the SSF announcement: 

1) the organizer of the SSF, the identification and contact details;

2) persons belonging to the statutory body or other management or the de facto decision-making body of the organizer of small-scale fundraising, who in their positions decide on matters relating to the collection of funds, and their personal identification number if the organizer is an organization or foundation;

3) estimated fundraising amount;

4) identified primary and secondary uses of the fundraising assets;

5) estimated fundraising costs;

6) period for SSF;

7) bank accounts used for SSF and account access information.

You can send the notice to the police either by mail, e-mail or online.

Read more (available in Finnish only):

Lisää tietoa pienkeräysilmoituksesta

Pienkeräyksen järjestäjän velvollisuudet

UKK pienkeräys


3. Cause marketing

SSF marketing 

After the small-scale fundraising announcement is given to the police, it’s time to start marketing planning so that you are able to raise the necessary funds. Don’t worry, We Encourage will help you.

We need the same information for marketing as in the police announcement. If needed we can assist the pilot fundraisers with the fundraising announcement.

As soon as you have received the collection number from the police, we can publish the fundraising cause and start marketing it.

4. Follow-up

Fundraising done!

After the fundraising, we want to serve donors as well as possible by telling them how their donation has helped. The fundraiser must also report police.

Small-scale fundraising settlement

The funds from the small-scale fundraising must be used for your primary use stated in the announcement for the police. If it is not possible, use the funds for the secondary purpose stated.

The organizer of the SSF is obliged to make a settlement of funds used for the police. Submit the small-scale fundraising settlement to the police department no later than two months after the end of the money collection.

Enter at least the following information in your settlement:

  • organizer of the SSF
  • SSF time period
  • revenue from SSF
  • breakdown of the costs of organizing the fundraising
  • a statement on the use of the funds raised 

Learn more (only in Finnish):

Obligations of the organizer of small-scale fundraiser

Start a cause

Fundraising with permit

Fundraising amount over EUR 10,000

1. Apply
2. Permit
3. Marketing
4. Follow-up
1. Apply

Apply to fundraising pilot group! 

We assist the fundraising organizer involved in the piloting process with the ideating the ​​fundraising cause, with creating the fundraising campaign and marketing, as well as with follow-up marketing.

Through us, you can create different types of fundraising causes, as well as create ideas for small-scale fundraisers so that individuals can create their own fundraising causes to support your organization’s activities.

2. Permit

Fundraising in Finland requires a permit! 

The fundraising, for amounts over EUR 10,000, may only be arranged if the Police Board has issued a fundraising permit. Small-scale fundraising does not require a money collection permit, but it must be reported to the police.

The application for a fundraising permit is made by submitting a written application to the Police Board. You can apply for a fundraising permit either on paper or electronically at the police e-service.

Notable for old fundraising licenses

If your organization has a valid permit under the Old Fundraising Act, the provisions of the old law and the terms and conditions set out in the permit will apply to the organization of the collection and the use of the funds collected.

Authorizations granted under the old law are all fixed-term. Old permits remain valid until the date specified in the permit conditions. The use of funds collected under the old license is reported by making cash collection accounts in accordance with the terms of the permit. Any requests for changes to existing permits will also be made in accordance with the provisions of the old law.

The old law provides for the fundrasing agent of the fundraising, which in this case would be We Encourage.

Learn more:

Money collection permits


3. Marketing

Marketing the cause

After the fundraising idea is created, it’s time to start planning your marketing to raise the necessary funds. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

For marketing purposes, we need as much information as possible about the fundraising target: why and where the money is being raised, the estimated impact created with the funds raised, etc.

Once we have enough information about the fundrasing cause, we can start marketing the fundraising!

4. Follow-up

Fundraising done!

After the fundraising, we want to serve donors as well as possible by telling them how their donation has helped.

This is done through the follow-up marketing, to inform donors what has been done with the money and how effective it has been.

Settlement Obligation

The old fixed-term fundraising license issued before 1.3.2020 always has a clearing obligation. Make invoices and annual reports on your own initiative by the due date to the fundraising permit authority.


Send annual notifications related to fundraising permits valid for an indefinite period in Finnish or Swedish to the Police Board either by post, e-mail or via the police e-service.

In the case  of old money-collecting permits, the licensing authority is either the Police Board or a local police department: If the permit is issued by the Police Board, accounts are issued to the Police Board. Send invoices in Finnish or Swedish either by post or email. Old money-collection permit settlements cannot be made through the online transaction service.

Learn more (only in Finnish):

Settlement Obligation


Start a cause

Charity Wall

Blockchain technology

We Encourage is in collaboration with Charity Wall to offer transparency and traceability through a technology called the blockchain.
Charity Wall is a tool that, through blockchain, traces and certifies the use of donations and allows donors to monitor, comment and constantly verify the developments of each specific social project. This increases trust in donors, favoring donations to social impact projects where transparency is guaranteed and donations actually reaching those in need are ensured. Charity Wall’s blockchain tool enables us to trace and make public all the documentation related to the activity of non-profit institutions. With this tool, we are able to follow and convey the flows of money among various stakeholders involved with donations in a complete way to ensure transparency to all benefactors.

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