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Nicehearts was established in 2001 with the aim to produce community-based activities for girls and women of different ages and background.

Nicehearts' mission

We can be the change we wish to see in the world!

Our mission is to enable that girls and women find their own place in the society as its equal and unique members. Our work is based on strong gender and culture sensitivity. 

We prevent social exclusion by strengthening girls’ and women’s opportunities for participating in community activities and by advancing their career and educational paths. We raise and educate girls and women to become agents of change in their communities. 

Gender and culture sensitivity is at the core of our activities. Gender sensitivity refers to encountering and accepting people without presumptions. Gender sensitive approach aims at broadening and reconstructing expectations and behavioral models related to gender. Gender sensitive work identifies different ways of manifesting gender but does not reproduce them without questioning.

Then again, culture sensitivity refers to an ability to take into account special attributes related to different cultures. In addition, it recognizes differences between people representing the same culture. The concept of multiculturalism also recognizes different cultures within a nation, such as the Sami and Romani people in Finland for example. People in general tend to view their own culture as an unquestionable norm. A culture sensitive and norm critical viewpoint challenges to recognize and deconstruct invisible models and expectations related to one’s own culture.

Nicehearts' services

Our values are based on equality, sense of community and joy.

Our activities create strong networks and opportunities for daily encounters between girls and women, while advancing a culture of peace and tolerance in our society. 

Our organization runs activities in the cities of Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki as well as in the region of South Carelia in Eastern Finland. We currently employ 30 professionals from different backgrounds and have very diverse partners across the country and internationally as well. 

  • Girls’ Space in Vantaa and in Lappeenranta 
  • The StrongWoman social support activities in Vantaa
  • Neighborhood Mothers –model in Vantaa, Espoo, Helsinki, Lappeenranta and
  • From “stay-at-home” motherhood towards studying and working -project
  • Me-talo –concept (“We-House”) in Espoo and Lappeenranta 




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