We Encourage Oy Ltd, a social enterprise, is on a mission to build a peer-to-peer impact platform to

  • empower women and girls to get an education instead of ending up in a forced marriage

  • create a global community to support and protect them

  • build an incentivizing system for families to educate their daughters instead of forcing them into marriage.

Our Mission

We are revolutionizing the world with a new concept to offer an alternative to the nobel but outdated concept of charity. It is called peer-to-peer impact.

In a nutshell, it means that instead of donating money, you can become an impact maker and impact – in other words, support by sponsoring – another person directly. We are building a platform to enable exactly that. 

Our chosen cause is to provide a chance to education to girls and women who would otherwise be married against their will and often as children. Through our platform, you can choose a girl and keep her in school.

If you want to support our cause but don’t have the funds to impact a girl, we welcome you to get in touch with us because any time or expertise you could offer would be just as valuable.




We are a service provider creating an ecosystem between impact makers, small NGOs in the target countries, partner companies and, of course, girls and women who need support to live the life they want.

Our business model is commission based. We offer a membership community and a place to follow up the cause you are impacting on. We take a predetermined percentage from the payment made, and the rest is given to your chosen cause.

Everything is transparent and traceable.



We provide tools and processes to help these small NGOs run their operations in an efficient way to create a long term impact. 

These tools and processes are our requirements for the NGOs to get access to our services. As an example, we budget the yearly costs of the NGO, this budget is visible for the people making the impact. As well as the reports and follow-ups showing how and where the money was used for.  


Why we are not a non-profit charity or an association?

We are creating a model, that offers an opportunity for our customers to make an impact and also get something in return, instead of just donating money. We operate as a fundraising agents for small NGOs, this frees up their time from money collecting to actual doing. Our service is free for the NGO, we take the commission straight from the donation. We also offer reporting and follow up tools for the NGO, to make sure everything is transparent and traceable. 

Our customers doing monthly impact gets access to an online community where they are able to follow the money, what is done with it and follow the girl’s educational path. We provide communal feeling and openness for our customers and girls we help. One time impactors are able to follow how the cause is progressing through our social media channels. 

We do not believe in giving alms, because we understand the psychological aspect of one being superior to another when it comes to charity. We instead show these girls, that we value them, believe in their right to be educated. For that reason we encourage these girls by providing incentive so that their education is made possible. 

Our business model is built around openness and our customers are able to see how much is spent in running our business. We have also set a limit for profits that can be paid from the company as dividends. 

We believe that with the right kind of business model, values and mindset we are able to create a business that makes an impact and is profitable. 


Example of making an impact 


Let’s assume you are making an impact worth of 20€ per month. If our commission would be 5% and the payment processor would take its share of 2,5%. 

Then, from the 20 euros given:

  • €18.50 goes to the person you have chosen to impact
  • €0.50 the transaction fee goes to the payment process operator 
  • €1 is our commission which we take to be able to keep our operations running