MONIKA – Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland (Monika-Naiset liitto ry)

MONIKA is a nationwide multicultural women’s NGO operating in the field of social affairs. It promotes the equality and inclusion of immigrant women in Finland and prevents violence against women. The Association acts as an expert and does advocacy to improve the status of women, as well as supports immigrant women’s activities through its member organizations.

  • Crisis Center Monika (Kriisikeskus Monika) offers low-threshold crisis help, psycho-social support and supportive housing after leaving the shelter for the victims of violence or the threat of violence experienced. You have possibility of receiving help anonymously and without an appointment.
  • Shelter Mona (Turvakoti Mona) is the only shelter in Finland offering crisis assistance and secure residence in a secret location. Victims of domestic violence from all over the country have access to this service.
  • Integration Center Monika (Kotoutumiskeskus Monika) promotes integration and employment through individual counseling, group activities and mentoring.