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Campaign ended! Thank you all who donated, this campaign enabled 3 girls to get into school! 

The Dalit Women Forum operates on the belief that all Dalit people should live in a caste- and gender discrimination-free society. This includes giving all girls access to mainstream education. Education should be freely available to everyone, but for many Dalit children living in slums such as Addagutta, in India, this is not the case. Young girls are discriminated against from birth and face the prospect of early marriage, adolescent pregnancy, and a life of abuse and poverty. Giving a girl the opportunity to enter mainstream education will enable her to grow in a positive environment, providing her with both the skills and independence to succeed in the future.

Enable the education of girl children in India

by Sharon Elizabeth Freundlich

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Espoo, Finland

Sharon Elizabeth Freundlich

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Campaign ended!

Thank you, donors 🙏, we managed to get 3 girls into school!

Girls suffer most 

This fundraising cause is created by an Indian lady, Sharon Elizabeth, who now lives in Finland. She, with her husband, has been working for the target NGO Dalit Women Forum. Listen our #takeaction podcast with Sharon Freundlich here

Addagutta is the second-largest slum in Asia, situated in the city of Hyderabad, India. Families living here suffer from the constant fluctuation of earnings due to underemployment and are often deprived of basic needs. Women are typically excluded from the workforce as they are believed to have no entrepreneurial or useful skills to contribute to society. As a result, women are heavily discriminated against and it is thought that educating girls would be a waste of resources. Instead, girls are forced into child labor, often in hazardous conditions.

Dalit Women Forum (DWF) works to break this pattern and believes that focusing on education will result in better development for society overall. Enhancing the skills of young females will equip them with better employment prospects, allowing them to earn an income for their families. Over time this will improve living conditions for individuals living in slums and raise the profile of the urban poor in society.

DWF aims to increase awareness of the advantages female education can bring to families. It is determined to raise funds with the help of Sharon Elizabeth to enroll 25 girls from the Addagutta area into mainstream education while offering counseling and awareness camps to parents. As most of these children belong to Dalit communities, they have been double discriminated against: sidelined by other castes and with girls typically receiving the lowest priority when it comes to education. These camps will help to raise awareness about caste- and gender-based discrimination and ensure that the children receive the support they need to continue their education.


Fundraising Campaign Goal

To mainstream the education of girl children in order to increase their living levels


To give awareness to parents’ responsibility & importance towards children’s education

To Give training on gender-based discrimination

To make them aware of social values and the importance of a girl child’s education


  • Visits made by DWF staff 
  • Awareness creation about the importance of education for girls
  • Counseling for parents
  • Mainstreaming the children
  • Enrolment of the children
  • Follow up  
  • Formation of taskforce committees 


Verifiable factors:

  • Photographs
  • Reports
  • Records
  • Blockchain tracking for transparency with Charity Wall

Expected Outcomes

  • 25 children would be enrolled for a year in private schools. The funding covers the school fee for a year. 
  • 6 awareness camps would be organized covering 300 parents


Monitoring & Evaluation  

The project will be implemented through local volunteers and monitored by the DWF to ensure community participation and sustainability beyond the initial phase.

Budget for the cause:

School-related costs total 7398€ (77,6%)

School fee: 5112 euros / 25 girls = 204,40€ /girl / year
School uniforms, bags, books, shoes: 2286 euros / 25 girls = 91,44€ / girl

Awareness creation related costs 2136€ (22,4%)

Volunteers, door to door talking with parents, taking care of the girls to be enrolled:  1444€
Awareness creation workshops 6 times: 673€

For what are *Commission, marketing, and payment fees?

We Encourage fee 10% is used for covering our operational costs, e.g. setting up the cause, advising, and marketing the cause. This sum includes the value-added tax 24%.

The rest 6% is reserved for covering the payment processing fees and transparency & traceability fees.


About the Dalit Women Forum

Dalit Women Forum is a non-profit charitable society, founded by Ms. C. Vijaya Kumari, a Dalit Christian woman who has worked with various charitable organizations and supported minorities, including vulnerable women, for more than 20 years.


To create a caste- and gender-free society where Dalits have freedom, equal rights, and assert themselves as stakeholders in socio-economic, cultural, and political spheres.


Strengthening of Dalit movement with organizations, leaderships, resources, and linkages at various levels to realize the vision with a special focus on Dalits, tribal, and Dalit minorities.

Learn more about Dalit Women Forum

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  • Live Q&A session on Facebook 16.9. at 3 pm

    We will host a Q&A session for the cause with the founder of Dalit Women Forum Vijaya Kumari Chittem and the fundraiser Sharon Elizabeth Freundlich.

    Q&A session: 16th of September at 3 pm

    If you have questions, concerns, or comments related to the cause, please join us for the live session!

    Follow our We Encourage Facebook page to be notified about the session:

  • Q&A session link

    We were covering following questions:

    — What happens to the girls after 1 year, will they be out of school because this campaign is only for one year in private school?

    — Why is it private school? Isn’t it more expensive than public school?

    — Why is it important to have awareness raising camps for parents?

    — What are the honorary volunteers? What do they do?

    — How is the awareness raising taking place? Are volunteers going door to door?

    — Why is it so hard to convince the parents to let the girls go to school?

    — How could people help and support Dalit Women Forum?

    — How does the COVID affect on these vulnerable girls and families?

    — Many donors are afraid of the misuse of their donations, e.g. corruption, could you explain why should they trust Dalit Women Forum?