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Matchmaking cause: IDEA Nepal

Start a cause to support IDEA Nepal IDEA Nepal is looking for small-scale fundraisers!  IDEA Nepal runs a Baalan shikshya kindergarten for children whose mothers were forced to marry as child brides. Both young mothers and children suffer from domestic violence, poverty, or physical disability. The center offers free and low-cost daycare allowing the young […]

Start a cause to support pensioners // Pienkeräysidea eläkeläisten avuksi

Start a cause to support pensioners According to the survey conducted by the Ihmisoikeusliitto the low-income rate of women over the age of 75 was 27% in 2017, more than double that of men. Poverty affects on health, as part of  the low-income people don’t visit to the doctor due to their poor financial situation. […]

Start a cause to help low income families // Pienkeräysidea vähävaraisten perheiden tueksi

Start a cause to support low income families The global coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on the economy. Many people struggle to make their needs met. Low-income families are struggling and many people have been laid off or their contracts have been terminated as businesses struggle financially. In addition, many companies can go […]

A cause to support victims of domestic violence // Pienkeräys perheväkivallan uhrien auttamiseksi

Start a cause to support victims of domestic violence Finland is Europe’s second most violent country for women. With the coronavirus epidemic, the financial situation of many families is tightening, causing stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, at the same time, violent behavior may increase.In many cases, victims of domestic violence have to leave their homes quickly, […]

Have an idea for a cause? // Onko sinulla pienkeräysidea?

Haven an idea for a cause? Apply! Fundraising in Finland has always been strictly controlled by the government. Mainly NGOs with a fundraising permit have been able to arrange money collecting. Now individuals can also raise funds from the public to help people in need. It offers more opportunities for utilizing digitalization for marketing the […]

A cause idea to support single parents // Pienkeräysidea yksinhuoltajien auttamiseksi

Start a cause to support single parents This global pandemic has been shaking the whole world roughly and already we are able to see the serious concequences it caused by coronavirus. Single parents are especially vulnerable, many times their economical situation has been tough already.  Would you like to help? In March 2020, the new […]