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We Encourage utilizes tech to make an impact

We Encourage is NOT a tech company that builds stuff. We are an impact startup utilizing tech to support victims of intimate partner violence from physical to mental violence, from sexual to honor related violence. Domestic violence has many forms, and there are too many barriers currently for violence experiencers to overcome to be able to receive help. We exist to lower those barriers. We don't restrict our service to women and girls, but its our starting point. 

Corporate Social Responsibility made easy with We Encourage CSR package

AI intervention for victims of domestic violence to provide long term support and guidance 24/7


About our mission

1 in 3 women globally experience domestic violence. Hundreds of millions of girls and women are suffering from different forms of violence and oppression. 12 million girls are forced into marriage every year, end of childhood, end of education.

We believe that every girl has the right for education, equality and empowerment. Every woman has the right to live free from violence and oppression.